Graceful couplet 2

Graceful couplet 2-1 washs out Qieerxiru to wish to enter league matches cup below one round. After contest g长沙夜品茶网raceful couplet advocate handsome Suoersikeya accepted celestial gymnastic to interview, to Benchangbi contest undertook commenting on. Suoersikeya says: We experience past a week field of a lot

of guests travels. Team showed the unitive spirit between very good mind power and team member, this is revealed those who gave this team is idiosyncratic. We win played the game, this is we want to win the contest below. We had had many competitions that can obtain 1-0 to precede befo

re this, but later we are hit not well sometimes. Our expressional dispute altogethers today, team runs very quickly, this ability is graceful couplet, we can try to seek this kind of perception. . Speak of Lashenfude, suo Shuai says: Lashenfude is hit into that free kick with his means, this ball special C collect, be? Lashenfude showed the will like iron and steel, hit firmly into dot ball, hit into in that way free kick again, help team score a success, too marvellous. I had seen a lot of times in training. Give a youth the chance when you, for instance Williams Mu this, they can gain experience. His today’s performance is very excellent. The thing that we know to we want to do has not been finished, we still are continueing hard, continue to progress. Original title: Suo Shuai: ?  feed Luo Fan of Zuo of oyster of  of 5 busy admire graceful couplet can continue to progress responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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