Sino-Japanese and gymnastic team adds up to athlete of the experienced mutual two countries that steal division to have what kind of experience

On January 30, 2019, team member of Sino-Japanese gymnastics male team is training the group photo after the end. Sino-Japanese and gymnastic team adds up to practice to draw enormous attention: Want to steal division technology? Did not go up so easily in the arena of man gymnastics, sino-Japanese the antagonism between often draws a lot of attention. Nowadays, powerful group of these two gymnastics undertook close practice infrequently. Two countries athlete has what kind of experience, become the topic of curiosity of a lot of people. After arriving at Beijing on January 27, day noumenon holds male line with respect to open the brigade that visit of 7 days communicates by a definite date. 30 days afternoon, in national sports total bureau trains bureau gymnastics house, two teams undertook a public training, disclosed a few days of experience after closing practice to media. Chinese player Xiao Reteng says frankly, the training manner of this team of the some day below observation and Chinese team are more adjacent, do not worry too about stealing the problem of division technology. And Miao Zhong of director of management center of sports of gymnastics of national sports total bureau expresses first, adversary is on field, the friend is below field, this ability is gymnastic real fascination. Steal division technology? China ever paid a visit for many times before doing not have body of so easy Japan to hold male team bishop to drill water bird birthday thinks of this, the record also surveys seriously by the side of the gymnastic competition ground of home of classics haunt China, but the country is gymnastic in taking a team to mix the team closes practice or history go up first. In national sports total bureau trains bureau gymnastics house, insurgent journalis

t also saw two teams arrive from January 28 on Feburary 2 by a definite date training schedule of 6 days. Look reach, the training time of two teams is basic coincide, did not evade somewhat. During the publicity 30 days afternoon trains, two teams were arranged adjust, training amount is not large, because this is whole,the atmosphere that trains a house also is

loosened quite, the setting that two countries team member trains together is not much, still practice basically severally. Occupy Chinese player Xiao Reteng to divulge nevertheless, training of a day is measured before arrange more greatly, the circumstance that two countries player trains together will be some more. Training plans and inscribe about stealing the word of tactics of ability of division the other side each other, in Xiao Reteng thinks and imagining so exaggerative. Practice leaves the word in light of, their experienced capacity is quite much, we drill quite more also. Actually the technology is among the match authority can see, without what confidential also, serve as a gymnastic communication namely. How many estimation can have a few to be on guard psychology, but we also did not go painstakingly evasive. Because gymnastics still is more complex after all, not be to say to see can be imitated immediately, still a lot of skill are in inside. Through observation of two days closing practice, xiao Reteng says frankly to insurgent journalist, the training way that feels Japanese group and Chinese team are more adjacent, style also the difference is not much, strength is very great. And the integral impression to Japanese team, xiao Reteng thinks they compare gravity relatively, atmosphere is close to quite with us, belong to more rigorous the sort of, it is very serious condition. Village boat makes the same score inside: Learn to Chinese team member in fact, when just arriving at Beijing, shou Sai of water bird of Japanese team coach ever also said frankly, oneself also have little to worry about the problem that the technology reveals, team member and coach are right nevertheless as joint as Chinese team training is very interested, so besides the team member that has special case, equal like boat of the village inside all-pervasive king brunt basically came. And the chance that gets closing practice with Chinese team for the first time, village boat makes the same score this inside successive the champion class contestant that two Olympic Games ask vessel man individual all-round also appears very excited. Come to this training center train first, the sense is particularly new, chinese team is championship team all the time, come here to also have a lot of results. He expresses. During these two days of training, see Chinese team member everyday psychosis is first-rate, interest is very high, this respect is worth us to learn. Even if is in him body out of order when, also want high quality ground hard to complete an action. The hand grasps 6 world bright and beautiful to surpass all-pervasive champion and champion of all-round of two Olympic Gameses, village boat makes the same score the target that became Chinese team naturally also to pay close attention to mainly up and down inside. During training publicly, xiao Reteng and Zou Jing Yuan have a few communication with this famous general. Nevertheless inside the village tells insurgent journalist, they did not talk about ability tactics actually, just chatted a few about when having a holiday one kind compares relaxed topic. The place that the village deserves to learn most inside is extraordinary stability, can see from inside training at ordinary times, be clean-fingered Yan Xiao almost, very rigorous, unlike a few athletes are likely the mood can change bigger. Xiao Reteng says. And Miao Zhong of director of gymnastic sports management center says frankly first, the village is opposite inside of the project have deep love for and throw, oneself self-discipline, to technical pursuit and control, a lot of places are worth to learn. He is the talent athlete of the rare on the world, but he is very assiduous still, so we should learn to him, next ability conquer he. The example outside going to Japan, team member very although success is brilliant,expect, but inside village boat makes the same score special still modesty, I do not think I am very great athlete, resemble Jing Yuan of Xiao Reteng, Zou, they just are more fine now athletes. Look nevertheless from the honor of associate with, chinese player still needs to continue hard. World bright and beautiful was surpassed 2017, first wins world bright and beautif西安夜网论坛ul to surpass man all-round gold China player after Xiao Reteng becomes afterwards Yang Wei, contest of world bright and beautiful regretted in individual all-round the project picks silver 2018. And contest of these two world bright and beautiful, village boat averages the game that did not play individual all-round item because of injury cause inside. Draw near of the Olympic Games step by step as Tokyo, on gymnastic competition ground contend for Sino-Japanesely still will turn white-hot with each passing day undoubtedly. Because,also be such, this second Sino-Japanese the enormous attention that added up to practice to get the outside. Train publicly that day, have amount to media of about 20 Japan to show up, be about the same with the amount of Chinese media. Our advantage is this batch of younger team member, maturity is compared relatively after through these two years the contest takes exercise, there is the age of the advantage at in the meeting when Tokyo Olympic Games. The word of inferior position is us a lot of people had not compared the Olympic Games, the village inside unlike such player is seasoned, the likelihood still meets some to be deficient in via proved recipe face. End 6 days in Beijing after closing practice, polity holds male team to still undertake march to Japan closing practice in, to this China team member also very expect. Xiao Reteng says, want to see their training difference again; Zou Jing Yuan says, want to learn Japanese group convention to compare good project, for instance freedom is held and horizontal bar. And experienced to closing similarly activity, miao Zhong also gave sufficient reputably. I see picture inside such elder is in the village and these promising young people communicate Jing Yuan of Xiao Reteng, Zou, group photo. Adversary is on field, the friend is below field, this ability is gymnastic real fascination. So later similar pattern may be normalized, today is with Japan, did not come to likelihood and Russia, also train jointly with the United States. Responsibility edits: Lin Xin is firm


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