Xi Jinping’s secretary-general is attended together 2021 committee member of representing of two meeting National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in all business state is on-the-spot record

Report inscribed Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on March 11: Encourage act vigorously enters new bureau to review close smooth secretary-g东莞夜生活论坛eneral is attended together 2021 committee member of representing of two meeting National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in all business state is Huo Xiaoguang of reporter of on-the-spot record Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Xiaosong, Zhu Jichai, Zou Wei the spring 2021, two centenary struggling targets are being handed in right now collect, national People’s Congress of 13 whole nations 13 4 second conferences are in 4 conferences and countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference millions of people is fixed eyes upon in the victory is held. Come day after day, xi Jinping’s secretary-general attends delegacy of Inner Mongolia, Qinghai to discuss respectively, attend the liberation army and plenary session of delegacy of armed police army, visit committee member of bound of sanitation of medicine of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, education group to attend couplet group to meet, with the representing committee members communicate deep, in all business state is, with respect to base oneself upon new development phase, carry out new development concept, compose to build new development structure, urge high quality development, creation high quality life is made a series of important discuss, the act vigorously of press forward with indomitable will of the millions upon millions people sin东莞夜生活论坛ce agglomeration takes power. Announce 3 new deep idea have only accurate hold new development phase, development to carry out new development concept, accelerate compose to build new development structure, ability ensures 945 good bureaus remove good step secretary-general, you look, in us home town pats this recently. On March 7 afternoon, people congress hall east the hall, qinghai delegacy discusses the spot, two pieces of photographs drew the look of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general. The county of source of door of sea north city that Kong Qingju’s representing grows below Qi Lianshan foot as a child. At the moment, she takes out a picture, ask the Xi Jinping’s secretary-general that sits opposite to watch. In a piece of photograph, it is ramble the desert cat in brushwood; Another piece, it is to walk the ounce in covert. Very scarce before precious rare species, show a body again and again now. Kong Qingju with this evidence, tell about the changes of zoology environment. Hill is green, sand is little, water is clear, the pocket of villagers also was roused. Door source county pushs an industry actively to zoology farming transition of animal husbandry, tourism, development characteristic is cultivated breed, farming herdsman eats went up zoology meal. This explains zoology protection got effective. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general stares a photograph, nod again and again, especially everybody’s zoology protects consciousness to also increase, saw the economic value of zoology itself. Green, it is the impression that high quality develops. I see you are door source county, in a surname Lian Shanna thes foot of a hill or mountain, crossing mountain is the Wu Wei of Gansu Province. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general leafs through the map say of at hand. Went to Gansu Province to make an on-the-spot investigation in August 2019, ceng Zaiqi of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general connects Shan Beilu’s llano, overlook lofty a surname is connected, on-the-spot understanding zoology restores to protect a circumstance. This, in Qinghai delegacy, xi Jinping’s secretary-general ground of sincere words and earnest wishes says: Enter new era, enter new development phase, our understanding also wants ceaseless development to deepen, we should have the knowledge of zoology namely, want to have global consciousness. High quality development is 945 and even the theme that society of economy of longer period our country develops, overall situation of modernization of socialism of relation our country; Develop pattern concept of new development phase, new development, newly, this is perforative the logistic masterstroke of 945 programs compendium. Profundity of an a theme, masterstroke is answering future 5 years and even China of 15 years, will implement the what kind of development, great proposition that how achieves progress. How to buckle a theme closely? In Qinghai delegacy, xi Jinping’s secretary-general is this old essay to solve a problem to look from the domain with old spatio-temporal concept: High quality development is an economy demand not merely, expand the total demand of square field surface to economic society however; Look from district: Either develop to economy only the requirement of the area, however the requirement that all area development must carry out; Look from time domain: Either temporarily the requirement of be related, however must long-term importunate requirement. Solve epistemological not only, become good judgement problem; More give out methodology, do good practice to inscribe佛山夜品茶网 the way that high quality develops, be about to insist to be development thought of the center with people, hold to innovation, harmonious, green, open, share development; Hold to zoology preferential, urge high quality development, creation deploy of high quality life falls to real point; Various places should join real case, adjust measures to local conditions, raise is long fill short, how to walk out of the road that suits the high quality progress with real our region to buckle masterstroke closely? What be used to makes the same score a secretary-general nearly is how-to still be from zoology case is cut. Plan as a whole grass of lake of landscape forest cropland is regnant manage dene, here should add a sanded word. On March 5 afternoon, in Inner Mongolia delegacy, the new formulation of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general makes a person shine at the moment. The Zhang Xiaobing’s representing that comes from Ba Yan nub introduced to administer the practice of region of ocean current of black bridge element in recent years: Treat hinterland of sanded, catchment through catchment upper reaches the measure such as pollution of source of face of agriculture of prevention and cure, overall water quality already stabilized sea of black bridge element be in 5 kinds, local achieve 4 kinds. I had made sea of black bridge element for many times make instructions. Saw processing obtain apparent effect now, even for a long time is result. From Yellow River of a laky scan widely south the upper Changjiang region of西安夜生活论坛 a place of strategic importance of coping of a few glyphs, xi Jinping’s secretary-general points out, had protected this place, have the problem that administers salinization farmland, also have the problem that treats sand. How to order about? Want to had done design carrying a layer on the head. Add a sanded word, be systematic thinking reflect, revealing Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to see new development concept to the hole of new development concept is a whole, must complete, accurate, comprehensive understanding and carry out, exert oneself serves and blend in new development pattern. This is academic system of the system, it is the academic system of practice more. The consideration of Inner Mongolia delegacy the spot, topic from enchase the bright phearl on the prairie, turn to brimless immense forest again. The Zhou Yizhe that became a few years of forest workers is represented, told about individual profession part to follow the change of times spring tide to Xi Jinping’s secretary-general. We are the people that cut a tree previously, the earliest we are versed in the team produces lumber to be able to install 400 trains skin each winter, desertion axe curiums now, became person seeing a tree, also be likewise making contribution for the country. Zhou Yizhe tells a secretary-general, as natural forest protect a project carry out, he is in forest zone to gain rest and build up strength. According to calculating, the forest of forest zone and total prices of wet ecosystem service function were worth six hundred and fifteen billion nine hundred and seventy-four million yuan 2018. This your identity transforms, be an epitome that structure of our nation industry transforms. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general says with al

l sorts of feelings, this zoology total prices that you mention is worth, it is the concept of green GDP, showing zoology itself is value. The face has the value of forest itself not only here, still have green lung effect, can bring travel more, forest next economy. Tell from sand forest, from forest say protection of whole modes of life and relation to their environment, from zoology protection explains industrial structural adjustment, speak of innovation opening motivation to review reel off raw silk from cocoons of close smooth secretary-general pares path of chrysalis, tirelessly comes from industrial structural adjustment, the academic logic that dot of explain the profound things in a simple way appeared new development concept and practice are logistic. Be in early 2018, attend Inner Mongolia delegacy to discuss for the first time, xi Jinping’s secretary-general advances economic high quality to develop a good plan for Inner Mongolia, emphasize cannot staring at sheep, coal, earth, gas only, should foster new industry, new kinetic energy, new growth energetically extremely. Enter new development phase, the fixed position in reviewing close smooth secretary-general pointed out Inner Mongolia builds new development structure in countrywide compose again the respect such as requirement of environment of structure of gift of your geographical azimuth, resource, industry, zoology is more special, should notice to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, the synergism that earth up actor, come over structural attune hammer and tongs, the function turns come over, quality is carried. Altogether, this 3 new, what you want to combine a municipality is actual, look how to be reflected come out, how to carry out fulfil go down. Hold thematic masterstroke, have systematic thinking already, also have key thinking, adj thinking, innovation thinking, bottom line thinking. An index showed an issue. Submit to this to discuss, examine, discussion governmental working report and program compendium draft, will GDP growth objective setting was 6% above 2021; 945 economy add fast index set to inspect affection to put forward in reasonable interval, each year to maintain, this goes up in 5 years of program history or first. Therein cause, when attending group of couplet of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference to meet, be used to makes the same score secretary-general hit the mark with a single comment nearly: Last year is 2.3% , what we decide this year is 6% above, actually can prep above this index, but we take superabundant land, such we can use main energy in high quality to develop a field more. Aim at two high ends to develop high quality life from high quality, an issue closes national plan, one is connecting the people’s livelihood, before the good life that points to people to grow increasingly jointly needs 3 years, xi Jinping’s secretary-general is elected as thirteenth in full of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region delegate of countrywide National People’s Congress. He ever such explain original intention: The choice enters an election in the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, conveyed the attention of the Party Central Committee to area of ethical frontier region, reflect the Party Central Committee to accelerate advance owe develop area development, make the determination that wins battle of deficient assault fortified positions. Went 3 years, 3681 county of banner of poverty of level of 31 states of Inner Mongolia, impoverished villages already took off deficient break the ranks entirely. Come to this group again, xi Jinping’s secretary-general times feeling is gratified: Inner Mongolia finished job of target of the assault fortified positions that take off deficient as scheduled, delectable but congratulate. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general points out at the same time, taking off deficient to pick a cap is not terminal, the start that struggles new life, newly however. Solve development the full-scale development of person of difference of development of contractible and lopsided inadequate problem, urban and rural area, implementation and all people is collective and rich, still shoulder heavy responsibilities. Had walked along 1000 hill 10 thousand water, still need postscript hill ford. Face more flowery countryside to revitalize long roll, xi Jinping’s secretary-general plans so: Want exert oneself to improve urban and rural dweller to produce living conditions, strengthen rural person to reside environmental punish, breed wind of civilized home village or town, build beautiful and delightful, course of study to promote the socialistic new rural area of support of the people. People still remembers, on August 23, 2016 morning, mao Yu of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general will to Qinghai save the sea east village of Ban Yan of city coadjutant county, walk into the seek by inquiry in poverty door home, how does after plan removes easily, commensurate home take off deficient to go straight towards well-off together. The spot is discussed this in Qinghai delegacy, the Tu nationality that comes from coadjutant county tells Xi Jinping the secretary-general on behalf of A Shengqing, the class as man of virtual and ability the village produced the change of world-shaking, village average per capita year income already went to 11419 yuan from 2600 yuan of promotion 5 years ago. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general as enquiring in detail like the family member: The villager people electric heat kang is what kind of inwrought industry aids force to take off wine of deficient Ming heat up in a steamer how of make it industry in Xi Jinping’s secretary-general in the heart, the happiness of people lives even if so converge of every little bit and become. Want to put profit of capital and profit of root of the most numerous people on the heart from beginning to end, happiness and benefit of adamantine promotional the people’s livelihood, develop high quality to satisfy people happiness life to need close together union to rise together, drive hold to zoology preferential, urge high quality development, creation high quality life organic union, bring out the best in each other. Develop high quality life from high quality, an issue closes national plan, one is connecting the people’s livelihood, all without exception is affecting the heart of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general. Friendship guesthouse gets together flower hall, colorfully decorated lantern brights, atmosphere is enthusiastic. On March 6 afternoon, xi Jinping’s secretary-general comes to here, visit attend countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference committee member of 13 medical sanitation bounds of 4 conferences, education group, attend couplet group to meet, listen to opinion and proposal. No matter be cure the sickness to save the patient or teach Yo person, be the same as the yearning be closely bound up that people lives to happiness, the prospect that builds with modern powerful nation is inseparable, xi Jinping’s secretary-general listens attentively to the speech of committee members seriously, often discuss communication with them. Hu Yu’s committee member, come from Hua Zhongke ability university is accessary assist with initial stage of hospital epidemic situation Wuhan controls one of a few hospitals that treat serious illness patient. His clarity remembers, last year on Feburary 10, prevent in epidemic situation accuse most deadlocked hour, xi Jinping’s secretary-general connects a line through video in Beijing, rouse the setting that interest cheers to everybody. At the moment, another winter goes spring come, he and Xi Jinping’s secretary-general sit in face-to-face same an assembly room. Have the clear experience that epidemic disease of feeling Yu Kang struggles, hu Yu puts forward aggrandizement public hospital last name is official, prompt the proposal that public hospital high quality develops. He tells Xi Jinping the secretary-general, hubei province is carrying out communal sanitation to fill short board strong function acts 3 years, already start working builds a project 1037. In the fight that fight epidemic disease, public hospital is firm rock in midstream. Show a sense again, below system of the whole nation, one party has difficult all directions to assist, can center force to handle a major issue. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general is responded to, next, should consolidate further on construction of medical treatment system, aggrandizement, expand public hospital, this one is clear. Improve the quality that medical treatment serves, the hospital is crucial, the doctor is very important also. Come from Beijing of Chinese academy of medical sciences assist the Wang Chen’s committee member with the college of medicine, fight bravely all

the time fighting epidemic disease forefront. Just made a speech, xi Jinping’s secretary-general identified him: I know you, but attend a meeting to had not listened to you to make a speech before. Wang Chen puts forward in the speech, a few more current the school establishs a college of medicine actually to raise a position to disregard, enlarge recruit students dimensions, below the circumstance that teachs resource scarcity, hard to avoid affects a talent to foster quality. Dropped a mark in on recruit students a few major that now? The secretary-general asks. A few major fall via often be in minute of admitted condition, the professional quality with make these original special and important appeared from the root deviation, this make us very afraid. Wang Chen says. This still is worth to consider, now is bit urgenter. The secretary-general expresses. Yes, enlarge doctor amount blindly, if quality does not come up, not be meddlesome. Wang Chen suggests, put an end to medicine to teach the phenomenon of low qualitative blind dilate. Yes, how much is the key to contain Troy, this wants good close. The secretary-general hits the nail on the head. In making a speech subsequently, xi Jinping’s secretary-general has specific aim ground to put forward, people health is the foundation that social civilization progresses, it is a nation prosperous with the important sign with prosperous and strong country. Want level of new development of base oneself upon, raise sanitation to health furnishs and serve a level ceaselessly. From push prefectural region medical service in all body is built fulfil rustic doctor pay, defend from medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine development of innovation, inheritance begins crucial core technology to tackle key problem to concentrated force quantity, from deepen medical sanitation system to be reformed lawfully severe blow cure is troubled by and force hurts cure behavior a specific deploy, for medical sanitation domain high quality develops demonstrate way. From the problem that values disease, speak of again go up to baffle academicly. The Yan Chunhua’s committee member that comes from Lanzhou university is in the speech not without worry: In last few years, higher education obtained ministry of Chinese and Western to progress apparently, but compare with photograph of the eastpart part, still put in bigger difference, and have play large possibility further. Teach lopsided inadequate problem, develop with area lopsided inadequate closely related. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general has received thread of discourse, we should teach a level to promote society of economy of ministry of Chinese and Western to develop through promoting Chinese and Western the ministry, through solving education lopsided drive those who solve other side is lopsided. How to promote ministry of Chinese and Western educational standard? Xi Jinping’s secretary-general tells everybody, relevant section is studying. The country will strengthen ministry of Chinese and Western to owe develop area teacher is directional education and essence allow to groom, teacher of thorough executive countryside supports a plan. Improve educational quality, should settle region already between lopsided problem, also should settle region inside lopsided problem; Should solve higher education already lopsided problem, also want to solve a foundation to teach inequitable problem. Come from Beijing east the Wang Huan’s committee member of elementary school of alley of historian of the city zone, with respect to new era new level foundation teachs high quality development when to put forward to suggest, among them one plans as a whole namely urban and rural, solve countryside effectively to push an issue with town infirmly. You this elementary school is now nearby enter a school? Heard her speech, xi Jinping’s secretary-general asks. We basically solve a student of nearby enter a school inside. This teachs fair problem namely. Solve this problem to be accomplished in one move impossibly, be in Beijing namely this issue is very outstanding also. Learn region house to increase price so very tall, be gotten toward an area of academic school. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general understands basic level circumstance very much. The secretary-general emphasizes, reflect intense outstanding problem to masses, fighting each other to teach the behavior of interest of masses of banner enroach on, essential stare at do not put, change stoutly reach the designated position, change complete. Want to put safeguard people health in the strategic position of preferential development, the commonweal sex that holds to primary medical treatment to protect make trouble industry insists to teach commonweal sex fundamental, exert oneself compose builds high grade and balanced basic and public education to serve a system, construction high quality teachs a system, the educational couplet group that runs good people satisfaction is met on, xi Jinping’s secretary-general alludes for many times medical treatment sanitation and the commonweal sex that teach a career, fine melt into of high quality life each people looks so that see, the specific requirement that feeling. Agglomeration act vigorously takes power spirit of derive of Xiang Guanghui history is alimentary, from strength of wisdom of admirable and traditional inheritance, the psychosis that enters with unitive act vigorously strides modernization of overall construction socialism national new journey is in two meetings hold the whole nation eve, of the party 18 big since teach party historiography the 5th times to review education pulls open big screen centrally within the party. During two meetings, xi Jinping’s secretary-general combines the history and reality, undertook vivid and deep arouse again. In Inner Mongolia delegacy, the secretary-general is led directly from Comrade Li Dazhao and participate in the Marxism travels in masses of the Monggol nationality, tell the first batch of Communists that include Wulanfu inside to what arise in Inner Mongolia, special still allude a much-told story of two paragraphs of histories: Make concerted effort builds packet of steel new China to establish initial stage, the Party Central Committee appeal, the whole nation fluctuates, various places, departmental door, each company is answered actively, aid builds personnel and construction goods and materials to emerge to Inner Mongolia prairie, wall removing steel is built on desolate sands. 3000 orphan are entered inside period of unconscious natural disaster, and other places of Shanghai, Jiangsu the orphan of many 3000 cry piteously for food, the Inner Mongolia that be received, become national child, prairie forehead auspicious (mom) foster them in the yurt grown. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general emphasizes, want to had used these gules resource in education of party historiography be used to, party member of educational guiding ensemble does not forget first heart, remember a mission well, adamantine seek happiness for Chinese people, seek for the Chinese nation revive. Head of 100 feet pole is put on foot. Stride the China that builds new journey of socialistic modernization country in the round, need firm and powerful leader force more, need the psychosis that unitive act vigorously enters more. In Qinghai delegacy, recall of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general a paragraph of past I am to fly to Yu Shu directly. A height above sea level reached on at that time many meters 4000 village, be being destroyed over there still is very serious. 2010, qinghai jade tree produces violent temblor, comrade Xi Jinping is driven on a special trip go to disaster area to visit condolatory. State office is established in jade, I said to mechanism cadre one paragraph rouses strong word. I say, affirmation has big change after big calamity, have your indomitable mind, the Party Central Committee supports with all one’s strength, far and near of the people of the whole country is assisted, everybody together self-made rebuild home, affirmative in the future meeting has a new Yu Shu. Your consideration, warm we, incentive we. The delegate that comes from Yu Shuzhou plunges into Xiduojie to tell Xi Jinping the secretary-general, yu Shujie line is tauter now, the building is stronger, tea with milk is sweeter, we hope the secretary-general can come again sincerely Yu Shu has a look, when arriving, we sing a folk song to listen to the party again, listen to the secretary-general. I very care Yu Shu, thank your today’s introduction, I listened very glad. What jade cultivates will be better in the future! Xi Jinping’s secretary-general says affectionately. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general emphasizes, the party historical science that developing reviews education wants to apply jade adequately to cultivate aseismatic memorial hall providing disaster relief to wait for gules resource, cadre of educational guiding Party member is sturdy and good belief, accomplish before sophisticated topological features not get lost, do not shrink back before arduous fight. Realize party and the grandiose blue print that the country develops, those who need all China children is collective struggle. Of the party 18 big since, those who happen is the historic success that party and national enterprise gain, historic change, it is the result that adamancy of the Party Central Committee leads, it is the result that the the people of all nations struggles jointly, also condensing the painstaking effort of each democratic party and a public figure without party affiliation, each mass organization and committee member of broad the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and wisdom. Annual during two meetings, xi Jinping’s secretary-general can come to committee member of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference among, see authority, listen to everybody’s opinion and proposal, hope everybody condenses consensus, wisdom and force through talking things over. Can go up in group of couplet of medical sanitation bound, education group, lin Zhongqin’s committee member puts forward, want the big inning of education of spot of pestilence of war of clench the whole people, more systematic development has been told to broad youth student fight epidemic disease of this vivid, profundity consider politics course greatly, what reach the great mind that fight epidemic disease its backside is fresh case blends in teaching material. Your proposal is very good, this considers politics course greatly we want be apt to to use. Think of politics class to should be told on classroom not only, also should be told in social life. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general nods, taking a file to be there read out, those who do not have life, dryasdust, everybody does not love to listen, I also do not love to listen. The speech of humorous sincerity, draw the whole audience a laugh of understanding. Our success conquer epidemic situation, take the lead in making again economy by negative become a full member, underwent an acid test. This is not temporarily carry, culture is the road self-confidence that has us, academic self-confidence, system self-confidence, self-confident. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general says then: Through these year develop, of China 70 hind, 80 hind, 90 hind, 00 hind take door going abroad, can have made the same score inspect this world, this is self-confident. We should comply with the change of this kind of thought, guide social all circles to establish the confidence of free-standing self-improvement, agglomeration has the boundless power that struggles jointly. Powerful nation needs strong army. People army, it is the fundamental strength with indispensable country of modernization of overall construction socialism. On March 9 afternoon, when Xi Jinping’s secretary-general is attending the liberation army and plenary session of delegacy of armed police army, to strengthening stratocracy the army and the people solidarity is made mix in the center of the directive Party Committee of all levels of national office, place and government should fulfil party and national deploy requirement seriously, had fulfilled the responsibility of domain of national defence construction that bear. Should carry on army cherish one’s fellow citizen, civilian embrace army glorious tradition, consolidate and develop stratocracy the army and the people to unite, gather together powerful nation Xing Junjiang is measured energetically. Inside the assembly room, representing are sedulous, dedicated listen attentively to, serious record. A common belief is rising, gatherin武汉夜品茶网g together it is good to plan as a whole build and prepare for war relation, had made the preparation that answers all sorts of complex and difficult situations at any time, maintain interest of state sovereignty, safe, development stoutly, to build socialistic modernization in the round the country offers adamancy to prop up. Be the same as up and down desire person get the better of, stand together regardless of situation person promote. Time already wrote down extensive great canto, the history is being lifted brand-new one page. An elegance and talent luxuriant great party, one chases the nation of the travel before the dream, the country of a change quickly, prance march toward the 2nd new journey of hundred years. Original title: Encourage act vigorously takes new bureau — Xi Jinping’s secretary-general attends together 2021 committee member of representing of two meeting National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in all business state is editor of on-the-spot record responsibility: Zheng Lili


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