Xi Jinping sends New Year to send one’s respects to with each other of word of electrify of Beijing of Russia president general

Be used to of electric state chairman will make the same score Beijing of Xinhua News Agency to be the same as word of electrify of Beijing of Russia president general late on December 28 nearly on December 28. Each other of two countries dynast 西安夜生活论坛sends New Year greeting, new Year of people of two countries of the Russia in wishing is happy. Xi Jinping points out, 2020 to in a year Russian two countries and whole world are extremely rough every. New coronal is pneumonic epidemic situation craze forms all-time challenge to human life safety, cause severe impact to world economy, the world is entered queasy change period. A person of integrity can stand severe tests. Jeopardy h武汉夜网论坛our, the distinct advantage that Russia concerns in and precious value all the more are highlighted. Bilateral keep watch and help defend each other, the difficult when be being overcome in all, in involve each other continue to support sturdily each other on core interest issue, reflected letter of each other of two countries high level and friendship. Two countri佛山夜品茶网es leads international actively to refuse epidemic disease cooperation, advance smoothly build one belt to be the same as butt joint of alliance of Ou Ya economy all the way in all, collective congratulatory world turns over fascist battle victory and U.N. to hold water 75 years, in 20 countries group, Shanghai cooperates the play inside the multilateral frame such as organization, Home Jin Zhuanguo is important lead action, become safeguard international fairness justice, carry out to go the firm rock in midstream of multilateral creed. Xi Jinping emphasizes, ” in Russian good relations of neighbourhood is friendly cooperative treaty ” the for generations of establish is friendly concept and principle of new-style international relation are international the one great pioneering work on relation history, its are powerful vitality is with demonstrative effect below current international situation will show continuously. Both sides wants to be chance with celebrating treaty to sign 20 years next year, bilateral collaboration is pushed on bigger range, wider field, deeper administrative levels. Chinese active compose builds new development structure, reforming and opening is advanced on higher starting point, the Russia in be collaboration offers opportunity of more capacious development. Bo

th sides should strengthen development strategy butt joint, expand condition of cooperative new job, new kinetic energy, science and technology of the Russia in continueing to had done achieves New Year, drive bound of two countries science and technology, industry group to begin all-around communicating to cooperate, high quality of economy of the better two countries that help strength develops. Xi Jinping emphasizes, russian relation is had in powerful inside vivid force and absolute value, do not suffer international changeable influence, do not suffer any other factors to disturb. Russia strengthens

strategic cooperation in, can resist effectively any dozen of conspire that press differentiation two countries, build solid protective screen to safeguard international fairness justice. Just wish to be the same as Russia in new era of the Russia in square adamantine development is comprehensive strategic cooperation associate concerns, realize respective nation development to revitalize, build new-s重庆夜生活论坛tyle international relation and human destiny community to make larger contribution for compose. General Beijing expresses, although get,pneumonic epidemic situation affects new coronal this year, the concern in Russia grows steadily, bilateral and mutual support fights epidemic disease, the each domain collaboration such as classics trade, the sources of energy, science and technology is advanced continuously. Next year both sides will be celebrated jointly ” the good relations of neighbourhood in Russia is friendly cooperative treaty ” sign 20 years, this is Russia in the important milestone on relation history. Russian Fang Jian does not move surely in devoting oneself to to drive Russia, associate of overall strategy cooperation concerns Gao Shuiping develops. I重庆夜网论坛 wish to continue to develop the strategy to lead action with you, ensure the relation in Russia gets new development in a new year. Russia just wishs in be the same as, just continue to be on the issue that involves increase of each other core mutual and firm support, coordinate closely in the strategy in international general affairs with collaboration, to defend global strategy stability makes contribution. Two countries dynast agrees to continue to keep regular through all sorts of means communicate. Original title: Xi Jinping edits with responsibility of word of electrify of Beijing of Russia president general: Zheng Lili


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