Before strengthening a government to supervise Telangpu, private attorney will go to beautiful congress attest

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on January 10 report (reporter grandson Ding Liuyang) Boule of United States Congress is supervised and governmental reform committee announces 10 days, ever held the position of American president Telangpu for a long time the hearing that the division go smoothly of private attorney will attend this committee to be held at was him on Feburary 7. American public opinio重庆夜网论坛n thinks, this is congress the Democratic Party cashs strengthen supervisory Telangpu what governmental c重庆夜品茶网ommitment strides is important one pace. Boule is supervised and Cummings of chairman of governmental reform committee, democratic partisans made a statement that day say, attend a hearing to thanks of one’s own accord to division go smoothly. Division go smoothly expresses on gregarious media, oneself will publish give evidence, expect have the aid of this one platform offers “ with respect to relevant incident comprehensive and reliable descriptiv

e ” . Telangpu was in so that the city inspects Kesas西安夜网论坛i that day during border land circumstance express, be anxious none to congress attest to division go smoothly. Division go smoothly began to do law and commercial work for Telangpu 2007, he will be in new York in December last year Manhadu is confederative regional court is sentenced 3 years to imprison. Division go smoothly will have serve a sentence of proper motion put in prison from March 6, 2019. American federal judge expresses, division go smoothly besides admitting to lie to congress, still admit to disobey federal to enter into an election contest capital is relevant law, 2016 eve of American election day presses Telangpu to indicate, arrangement says to with Telangpu two caught women pay heal fee to sound, “ meaning is affecting election outcome ” . In addition, division go smoothly or “ connect Russian ” to investigate medium crucial figure, cooperated special inquisitor · rice straps Robert the investigation of the group works. Cummings expresses, boule is supervised and governmental reform committee does not want to disturb “ to open Russian ” investigation, because this is strapping the office to talk things over with rice, will at future a few additional information is published i

nside week. The United States is new a con重庆夜品茶网gress kicked off on January 3, the the Democratic Party becomes Boule majority party. Personage of high level of the Democratic Party ever expressed after metaphase election ended last year, will be opp长沙夜生活论坛osite after Boule of heavy strike with the palm of the hand the government increases Telangpu supervise with make judge. Original title: Go smoothly of private attorney family will go to beautiful congress attest before Telangpu


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