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In ­   report occupied new network on July 25 report of Japanese joint company, in around add plan during numerous courtyard budget committee closes a meeting, the Japan that lyceum vet department sets a plan newly is examined in, premier brings times advance 3 maintain low stance from beginning to end when the specification. It is to realize the sort of strong before this rejoins it seems that the style brings about ministerial support rate to drop greatly, stem from introspection and behave particularly modest. ­   report points out, however, make kno佛山夜品茶网wn his position truly in An Beiming ” not cancel plans ” below the situation, japanese countryman to in order to add plan the hard pass the time in a leisurely way of misgive of program of make choice of that lyceum is premise. Redeem trustful road hardships and dangers. ­   is in that day in rejoining, bring the times friend that admit佛山夜网论坛s to because lyceum director is him,did not realize before, japanese countryman delivers the view of doubt to this, express ” the footing that will stand in national line of sight from beginning to end ” . This is his afterwards routine congress concluded on June 19 after the press conference, give character introspection again. ­   does not pass, “Introspection ” whether to accompany the action to be put in doubt however. Point out official mansions participates in the science of Japanese preamble ministry with administrative twist to save work second official Qian Chuanxi’s calm view and premier assistant He Quanyang the person’s polarity. Democratic Progressive Party of ­   Japan asks to regard witness subpoena as two people accept ask for an explanation to congress, how times do not agree from beginning to end however release what is held. He still weighs those who be informed old friend to hold the position of a director to add plan the plan of lyceum is to be in ” this year in January ” , what this caused opposition instantly is intense refute. ­   report still says, although An Beijiang is moved,setting vet newly to fasten is ” to rock kind (of solidify) the breakthrough of system ” , dan Reji utterance does

not have decretal person be convinced, meet only more highlighting is to be in be eager to app

easing a got-up affair. ­   acts around peace keeping of N佛山夜生活论坛a Sudan U.N. (PKO) unit daily paper conceals a problem rejoin to also be apart from reveal the truth quite far. Daily problem is mattered to civilian and regulatory producing effect effectively this one 重庆夜品茶网democratically essential. Japanese government fulfils the commitment that uses up sincerity demonstrative responsibility should continually.


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