Antitrust bureau wants Russia presently business of operation of 4 big communication two home cancels to roam inside week cost

­   occupies Russia " Muscovite the Youth League member newspaper " on July 17 message, when confine of R武汉夜网论坛ussian Federation antitrust two 重庆夜生活论坛weeks, requirement business of 4 big communication operation (VimpelCom, megfon, tele2 and MTS) cancel home to roam cost. ­   reports bureau message weighs antitrust of cite Russian Federation, communication operation business should eliminate those who be without a basis to collect fees difference. This bureau asks each big oper西安夜网论坛ation business is finished inside 14 days after receiving an announcement rectify and reform, i

nform an user to concern the message that changes rate inside 10 days. After antitrust bureau is investigating Russia, ­   discovers, 4 kinds of rate are shared on the market. This bureau expresses, collect in home roam cost offended this cou

ntry ” compet西安夜网论坛ition protects a law ” the 10th chapter the 1st the 6th regulation. &sh西安夜网论坛y;   report still points out, by this year June, russia assemblyman was referred to national Du Ma about cancel home to roam the act of cost, but what this act offers is formal executive time is on January 1, 2018. (The exercitation compiles: Ming Yichen goes over a manuscript or draft: Zhong Weidong)


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