The 90th chapter is had deep love for so

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Does An Na look at a car to looked at is the jumpy name on the mobile phone cold face to receive a telephone call ” how? Does An Na look at a car to looked at is the jumpy name on the mobile phone cold face to receive a telephone call ” how??

“The enterprise that bring a family name is abrupt prediction of a person’s luck in a given year a lot of clients, do you know why? ” beautiful snake carries what eyebrow has some of doubt to ask.

“This word what meaning? ” An Na doubt?

“I do not know the thing that we do is aware of, but must careful? But must careful??

“Your means… ” An Na skips in abrupt brain give a bad think of a way.

“Cannot decide, I just remind you, you are not in of severe grand day before give the show away more not flurried. ” beautiful snake some are not at ease reminding.

“Hum, be in charge of good yourself, handle what the place manages clean it is good to do not leave handle. ” say Wan Anna is cold face hanged a phone, the ground of accelerator firm firm below the foot walks after all…

An Na as always the high-heeled shoes that stepping 10 centimeter walks into group of severe family name, as always arrogant, as always defiant, as always Leng Yan…

An Na just sat in hear Yan Hao locally the day is exclusive when elevator bites, an Na looks up hastily in the popular feeling that looks at elevator to go one messy the smile that hanged sexy charm immediately, severe grand weather is cold face is direct from the office that skip over takes him directly before her.

An Na feels slightly of lose sit down, namely so in the world that a man lets him be lost in him…

Severe grand day is busy the document is being handled in the office, because Lin Xieer’s thing delayed a lot of files and meeting these days.

The country brings a hospital

Blood the double eye with bright goggle at sits on the bed to eating big cherry, one catchs now and then take a sick at heart slightly frown, the OK that there still is a cartoon on that goose egg face of clean Bai Xi stretchs tight, eating take delight in talking about, actor rice is looked at so before but the laugh that person corners of the mouth hangs tenderness…

“My old young lady, are you reincarnation of starved to death ghost? ” actor rice looks at blood be about in the hand empty fruit dish resents.

Blood small carry is eye close swallow does the cherry in the mouth say ” is you had not heard a woman water those who do? I should drink water and draft fruit in great quantities everyday ” saying to grab dish in a place of strategic importance of the last cherry is being chewed into the mouth still have some of idea still unexhausted looks at actor rice.

Does actor rice look at blood meaning still unexhausted eyes ” even? Does actor rice look at blood meaning still unexhausted eyes ” even??

“Hum ” blood swallow the inclination with the final heavy cherry in the mouth, doesn’t this season eat cherry namely?

“You can not eat again, you do not have a meal to eat this to return only so nonnutritively, more eat what is more,the rather that much hydrochloric acid in gastric juice. ” push the door strictly and enter blunt rejection say.

“You can calculate came, she ate two dishes ” actor rice is a little helpless look at say strictly.

“But I do not think,have a meal lose one’s appetite ” blood blinking innocent big eye to say to what have pity on strictly.

“Your body convalescence nonnutritively good slow, do you want to live all the time here? Do you want to live all the time here??

“Hey You… ” blood covering suddenly oneself get hurt costal position cries.

Of actor rice insecurity look, look at blood strictly behavioral tip of the brow mounted a bit smile, shake helplessly shake one’s head.

“You cover wrong way, those who get hurt is the rib of the right side. ” say strict also without giving thought to blood peach walked along the empty Pan Heying that awkwardness takes a table to go up directly, the lifeblood that remains an outfit to ache be in with the actor rice that should kill a person confront each other each other. Until after going out strictly blood the laugh of the appearance awkwardness that looks at actor rice life.

“You are to eat really without place need not its extremely ah! ” the goggle at blood that actors or actress rice is biting tooth firm firm say.

“Hahahahahaha… ” blood the laugh that does not have a heart is worn, look at blood restored bright former days smile to actor or actress rice also laughed accordingly again, the smile of raise of laugh comfortless corners of the mouth that listening to the two people inside house strictly what wash good cherry.

“Eat, ” go to the dish in the hand strictly blood those who bestow favor on be addicted to is put to say in the hand.

Blood the happy two brother that are having cherry to look at bedside, one is taking to standing, two brother also are same look at blood, one is to bestow favor on be addicted to one is appreciation.

Blood is the look in what make a round trip on two faces to turn is abrupt eyes full of a smile ” why didn’t I discover you are at that time so picture? Blood is the look in what make a round trip on two faces to turn is abrupt eyes full of a smile ” why didn’t I discover you are at that time so picture??

“You this is not to blather, we are full brother ” actor rice resents.

“You are having same eyebrow eye. ” blood eye light is on the move look at what actor rice light frown cold-shoulders to mount a face to say: “Didn’t you know how to many girl cheat in that double peach presbyopia?

Actor rice cannot help laughing hangs down eye is low laugh at the instant to carry again eye looks at blood revolt, “I am to take you to do not have method really, why do you conclude I can deceive people, am I also open-armed to you? Did you feel my silk silk is cheated? Instead is you, you still cheated me with the relation of eldest brother. ” say to actor or actress rice looks up is those who read one face smile strict ” are you cheating me together with 2 elder brother? Do I how do you do without blame? Hear you got hurt I drop the job not plan the comes here to see you return you to buy you to like to eat cherry of past grudge. ” say what actor rice pretends to be sad to grasping wind.

“Hahaha… ” blood the laugh like Yin Ling is flooding whole room.

Do not make a sound strictly still have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes laughs partly look at blood that clever double eye, get on that personally innocent childish, look at the disposition of person from time to time before to feel, from time to time is arrogant, from time to time is innocent and lovely, grief of from time to time is pitiful, of loneliness of from time to time stubborn… she this kind makes a person such have deep love for…

“Although severe doctor grew same peach presbyopia with you but his amorous never excessive affection does not follow you same. ” abrupt blood of the behavioral terrified terrified in stopping a helper look at strict, also look at him strictly silent in that way look at her, abrupt ” severe doctor, you changed. You changed..

Strict one terrified, cannot help laughing shakes his head without the response. The likelihood is he was changed really…

Blood the look shows the sincere feeling that looks at firm eye ground to appear oneself also found reason, begin to eat cherry immediately, what do not know why to feel this cherry is special is sweet…


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