1Luna Stella 34

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Because of mind inquietude play is wrong when assessing, chen Jialu was approved by Joyce adviser firm. In a few days after wherefrom, she fails to adjust good position as before however, collective training is call-overed always also by advisers, exercise efficiency is extremely low, jump a few times to also mark not complete start.

Zhang Hua year after they know Seven withdraw from a young league a few times also very astonish, but did not resemble Chen Jialu stricken in that way. They know Chen Jialu position not beautiful, also try to comfort when own practice, but appear and do not have what effect.

And month of the afraidest Xue Jin of person nothing is more… than. She tries to see a good friend all the time, also made many effort, everyday try every means is active atmosphere is dispersive perhaps the good friend’s attention, dan Chenjia jades just saying to do not have a thing on the mouth, actual condition is not however such. Month of Xue bright and beautiful is at a loss what to do to the good friend’s depression, self-condemned even rise, so that next a few days, her condition also glides somewhat.

After this kind of condition lasts to half month all the time, seven delivered small gain with respect to be related of withdraw from a young league eventually.



1Luna Stella 12

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Month of Xue bright and beautiful crossed herself to the persistent Yuan Chao of Popping foregoing anticipation.

— before she still feels Chen Jialu gathers up according to video dance movement is very fierce, but nowadays, herself is illuminating the dancing MV of Popping, through be put slow and be being watched repeatedly, also can teach oneself whole dancing.

From just can understand video to arrive oneself are slow fast make complete 8 pat, from oneself several beat are familiar with a movement to arrive try to catch up with music, swallow intermediate specific action to arrive from first in a frantic rush can dancing of ground of do a job with skill and ease…

Month of Xue bright and beautiful had not remembered him skip of same Duan Wu jumping how many times, ability reluctance is achieved ” society ” bottom line.

She had jumped continuously a hour, whole journey is fast rhythm and the dancing with sophisticated act, this is early exceeded her once manual limit — look the positive result that physical ability of this paragraph of time trains is right.

But in fact, she should stop early also rest a little while.

Chen Jialu is inferior to month of Xue bright and beautiful to Popping that kind is active, the meeting in learnin[……]


LS person is set (a drama appears experience pass an imperial examination)

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[Elemistry assembles set]

Name of total fleet vermicelli made from bean starch: Element (element)

Should aid color: Golden


[element Elemistry-L set]

Abbreviation: EML

Official statement: Luna, l team, lunar form

Vermicelli made from bean starch makes a way: Mail group

Name of vermicelli made from bean starch: The Jade Hare-the moon

Should aid means: Golden color, long shine




Full name: Liu Chen hopes

Stage name: Dawn

Take on inside the team: Total header, L group team leader, advocate sing

Represent stone / should aid color: Emeralde (grass green)

Name of vermicelli made from bean starch: Small grass

Birthday: 12.17

Constellation: Archer

The age (when going out) : 21

Height / Cm: 180

Weight / Kg: 62

Blood type: O

Home town: M city

Be good at musical instrument: Sa Kesi

Other strong point: Broadcast chair

Nickname (vermicelli made from bean starch takes) : Mom of D team, D



Meal of experting loiter of the 29th chapter

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A woman that just has appeared in the morning, brought back again in the evening. When chamberlain comes out to receive Cao Yi, see Song Yu comes down from the car, be no good surprisingly. It is well-trained after all, it is the mood that shine and passes only, be aware of hardly.

“Eldest son, you came back! Is this? ” Cao Yi hands chamberlain basket, saw Song Yu. “Young lady of the Song Dynasty, will have a meal, ” click of the tongue, say be like me is to come the beggar is same, but I admire a face to just come of you home of your Childe Cao Da! Chamberlain hurries accost she goes in, song Yu is easy and accept, swaggeringly follow at the back of Cao Yi.

“Was opposite! ” abrupt Cao Yi stops offal pace, as if to want to bade again what, the Song Yu from the back not examine, within an inch of rancors to go up to the back after him. “Father’s younger brother making another name for Shaanxi province makes a few local characteristic food more, again stew a chop, young lady of the Song Dynasty likes. ” the brow of chamberlain is moved, him feeling today absurd.

“Yes. “Yes..

Cao Yi’s house is old really, standard Ou Shi 4 big villa, sea than Cao the even luxurious air of that lone dog. Be the place that preparative family lives after al[……]


The 24th chapter: Heart not by oneself

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This day of Tao Hua is away on official business, in the evening 10 will nod ability to hurried back come, as it happens has a few brother to make an appointment with Xu Shan to drink, xu Shan thinks he is the closest refus they many times, came off work anyway he himself is staying dull also, went.

A few people are making an appointment with a bar that often gets together in them to meet, xu Shan had paragraph of time to did not come, some hair that are fumed by various perfume flavour into the door are muddled.

Xu Shan’s friend takes the homophonic of his name, call him commonly 3 or 3 elder brother, his hair small Hou greets him into brave a hug: “3, you can be made an appointment with really hard recently! You can be made an appointment with really hard recently!!

The Liu Da that greets accordingly aside is laughing to say: “He can be busy nearly most cannot leave hand in. “He can be busy nearly most cannot leave hand in..

Hou Chengyong turns the head says to Liu Da: “You are his copartner, waiting for in a company every day, do you say he is the closest however after all busy what? Do you say he is the closest however after all busy what??

“What every day a company is staying, you know I am firm certainly outside cl[……]


Thirtieth 6 chapters are at ease (big ending)

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Eat a meal, fu Ran goes upstairs took a light color Western-style clothes, he does not like to make tie all along, the button of the shirt solved two, it is it seems that very along with the gender.

Yu Fei is early had waited outside. Set foot on again go going to the road of that house, the frequency can be counted on one’s fingers that goes there two this years, exclusive impressive, still be He Weiyu do not calculate happy dinner that to experience. New travel is on the asphalt driveway with not big change, there is what pressure already in the heart, whats won’t expect of course.

Fu Ran is visual ahead, hand however gropingly touchs the finger that strikes lukewarm coil up. Lukewarm coil up lowers his head, see he handholds very piquantly only his hand, laugh to her next.

“Afraid? ” Fu Ran asks,

Lukewarm coil up shakes shake one’s head, the branch that has grown green bud outside pointing to a window says: “Spring should come. “Spring should come..

Fu Ran should be mixed, extend the shoulder of lukewarm coil up on long arm cuddle, in the bosom that pulls her him, chin is worrying her the top of head, “Later need not so painstaking. “Later need not so painstaking..

Be about to sail when entering villatic courtyard, gate m[……]


Part 51

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Hold the person before in arms closely, leng Hanxi feels, this kind of sense is really good.

The person was found, necklace also is in, the agreement also wants to continue, leng Hanxi laughs, feel happy not to pass such.


Two people are in again old haunt be bored with became crooked a little while later, feel time is about the same, drive a birthday evening party that goes continueing to attend character Li.

A few people play joyous, after seeing two individual accompany are walked into, jeer in succession. “Hey You ~ bright, are you to come to those who wish birthday to Yan Liqing still cross boundary of 2 the world with Yan Rushuang after all?

Character Li is like a bit drunk, she is small eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes, look at two people that stand in the doorway, say: “I had said with frost, birthday present of don’t bother to see me out is OK, but my birthday when cannot give me beautiful conjugal love! Nevertheless, this woman. . . . . . Conversation does not calculate a sentence! ” then a cup of wine lays gut.

Yan Rushuang just wanted to barring character Li, but character Li action is too quick, back-to-back move drank a cup again. “Small Li, you drink a bit less! You d[……]


Part 12

” 7 years when belong to us only ” element poors / , this chapter in all 2541 words, update at: 2018-07-22 21:58

Early in the morning rises, what Yan Rushuang feels his mouth is special is painful. Looking in the mirror to discover however is oral cavity ulcer.

She is knitting the building below brows. Yan Ting discovers her some are not quite right, covering all the time oneself side face, ask: ? Does jab of Fu of 8   tending or guard a gate make fun of exacting to become J of deceive of Mie of  the Huaihe River just does   scoop up Jia Jun?

Yan Rushuang sits to the side of Yan Ting’s, bearing ache by force, : of a few words does hold back give? Fly  of Chi of Q of Sui arc  ?

Hear Yan Rushuang’s word, character Li abrupt choke, joking say: ? Bay Kang spruce  revive put in order teach Lv of neon of Xi of  of the creek that stew to mast Se of temple of small box Yu handsome?

An eyes goes, good gracious shut up.


Resemble Leng Hanxi such well-known figure, yan Rushuang knows very well this thing still needs very long time to come be pacified.

Her cankered to those eye turn a blind eye to, add ulcer of him oral cavity, be disinclined what to say more.

Let these people one fist is on cotton, also be a good method that cools a thing.

Enter a classroom, w[……]


The 226th chapter was monitored

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1537 words, update at: 2020-04-08 15:40

“Hello, in busy? In busy??

“Hum. “Hum..

“Do we eat lunch together midday? “Do we eat lunch together midday??

Light of eye of severe grand weather is on the move nod, “Good, I receive you now. I receive you now..

“Good, I wait for you in the company. I wait for you in the company..

Hanged a phone, severe grand day looks at phone for a long time, put on a coat to walk out of the office subsequently, do not forget dialogue tea says: “The thing that tells Jian Mo I bade wants fast. “The thing that tells Jian Mo I bade wants fast..

“It is a president. “It is a president..

… … …

“Bite “

Blood the information that takes a mobile phone to see small letter go up ‘ I arrived, come down! ‘ blood sexy red lip spat close to took the bag bag beside to give the office at a heat heavily; Blood had not seen to company entrance Yan Hao day has been by the Bujiadi of that black waiting for oneself, blood shallow laugh to go to his car; Severe grand day opens him door to sit to her, severe grand day is on across car; Blood is looked at after severe grand day comes in, the warmth that bestows favor on be addicted to is in eye light; “What to want to eat? “What to want to eat??[……]


The 214th chapter admitted father’s identity eventually

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2053 words, update at: 2020-04-07 17:55

“Si Lun, go consulting Cha Yanjia’s person. Go consulting Cha Yanjia’s person..

Si Lun is listening the name has felt familiar but still be unable to call to mind temporarily, “Childe is she? “Childe is she??

“The little sister of severe grand day. “The little sister of severe grand day..

“It is a childe. “It is a childe..

Look of cold desolate wind does not have the outside looking at a window dim light of night of focal length, I check her to read in Y country 6 years ago blood arrange together with her, and I did not discover the reunion after 6 years what, but appeared to discover what is different today, hope oneself just guess, if be true, so he does not know this among them truth is mixed really next plan…

“Still have, blood should fast left hospital, the disposition with her won’t again the hospital lives so long, the first thing that she leaves hospital serves a court the person of Home Lin namely, taking the advantage of the energy with severe grand full now day to be put on her body, that our plan prepares to advance! That our plan prepares to advance!!

“Childe, want certainly in that way? The childe once is royalty blamed how to come down to do? ” Si Lun of one face be anxious, but do not persuade to go[……]