The 14th chapter thanks you

” affection shallow float is unripe ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2338 words, update at: 2020-03-09 15:43

Strict him wash and dress, busy in the kitchen rise.

Just transmit the sound that open the door, look at blood strictly later the recreational pants that wearing oneself white shirt and cream-colored is wrapping around wet black hair stands in the doorway; Blood also be to see looking attentively at oneself strictly, goose is having light blush on white face, bright double eye is having some of fluster do not know to look toward where, perhaps be because of nervous pink tender cherry lip is aged by white shellfish gently biting, both hands is paying the one part of the shirt disturbedly, the trousers that the jade base with one tender double blank is grown is lapping one much, before was being shown only half foot, 10 foot also are in pestering artificially…

There was ineffable full plenitude in strict heart!

Strict warmth laughs, “You had been washed, you wait a little, congee immediately good. Congee immediately good..

Blood still be to stand in place, the left and right sides of double eye uneasiness twinkles…

Had placed tableware strictly, put away cole, bout head sees blood still be in doorway that is foolish standing.

His warmth laughs, forward blood go by, come to blood before, look at her to return the beaut[……]