The man that 3广州夜网SN论坛VDS2 birds and beasts are inferior to

” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2785 words, update at: 2017-01-23 07:06

Baby-sitter: “Nan elder sister, how you say also is not total wife, be his child like that like that? How to say to drive give evict came? He how so merciless innocently? He how so merciless innocently??

Play chess Nan: “It is the child of I and former husband like that like that, I am married Mo Jiashi she already 7 years old. Actually I arrive early with respect to anticipation won’t have good result, did not think of the meeting is so so early, miserable namely! Did not think of the meeting is so so early, miserable namely!!

Baby-sitter: “Do you know he is ruthless? Marry him even for what? You how so foolish? is what you love him deep? is what you love him deep??

Play chess Nan: “I am coerced, if I do not marry him to do not have means of subsistence, I died to be indifferent to, how does my pitiful daughter do? So I can bet only, my former thinks can raise the daughter big adult, live what kind of life later I admitted, was indifferent to! Who knows old day actually so joke I, make my daughter so small be about to assume a lot of anguish and cross! Make my daughter so small be about to assume a lot of anguish and cross!!

Baby-sitter: “How are you known at the outset? Does he tangle to death to you sodden dozen? Doesn’t he have a wife at that time? Does[……]


Thirtieth 5 chapters long nigh南京桑拿夜生活论坛t nots ended

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Each paragraphs of experience is all previous practice, each Cheng harships is a kind of results.

The Chen Ke that rejected Zhang Hui to want to send her to come home, the cold wind with one individual biting prep against goes on the way home, the fine shadow below the neon lamp of chilly is such alone.

Day, it is so black, black let a person feel blue a bit, night, it is so long, so static, let a person staticly want to cry a bit, but, have a kind of tear to let stream of people won’t feel distress.

The night in the winter, she a person so the street that stands in chilly silently, because she wanted to see through all these very much, after all one the individual’s heart after all this expect what? Why can the heart of a person have cry or sad? But she does not want to seek those source, in the corner that still puts oneself in to forget well excessive, go meditating, such good.

Return the responsibility that remembers a chain of today happening, be so let her unaware, she also did not know after all to produce what job, although mix,the time that Fan Xiaotong engages does not grow, but, she believes Fan Xiaotong won’t be such person, should have what difficulties that one is reluctant to mention, because she believes her.

Go to the[……]


The seventeenth chapt广州佛山桑拿论坛er involves the agreement of the hand

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The time passes very quickly, be the season since wind, this day on the weekend, chen Ke rose early, because mom said to want to take grandma and little brother to answer native place to live for some time last night, because native place reposes on the hill village of an a wide place in the road, the air over there is so fresher, quiet.

So she rises early side mom clears away a thing, had been cleared away, just see what raise of little brother Chen Yu is kneading Xing Song sleep the eye went.

Chen Ke say: “A Di, answer native place not to go everywhere, take care of good grandma and mom, know? Know??

The face of the Jun Lang since old eaves complacently says: “Elder sister, also go back as you, a Jie’s elder brother just phoned me last night, ask when you answer native place to go. Ask when you answer native place to go..

Chen Ke listen was stupefied to say: “A Jie? That A Jie! That A Jie!!

Old Yu Yang casts aside twitch one’s mouth to say: “Be Xu Xiaojie of classmate of your elementary school, you forgot elder sister! Family A outstanding elder brother can think you, long for you to go back every day. Long for you to go back every day..

Chen Ke ah say: “It is him so, I do not know when to had seen him, how do you h[……]


The 25th chapter is th广州夜网SN论坛WDSe most beautiful is not next wet

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Since Feng Wu after going, because Fan Xiaotong is in ” pity shadow hall ” occupied still want to handle, so the volume business in pity shadow cafe is handed in by Chen Ke take over of short duration to be management.

Chen Ke listened to Fan Xiaotong to say so, can’t help saying: “Red red elder sister, my what also won’t, you look for others, ? ??

Fan Xiaotong says: “Little girl, give others I am not at ease, give only you, I just install a person’s mind to had handled the issue there. I just install a person’s mind to had handled the issue there..

Chen Ke light tone says: “But, my what also won’t ah. My what also won’t ah..

Fan Xiaotong saw her a little angular, stroking her emaciated double shoulder gently to be able to ‘t help feeling felt distressed slightly, say: “Little girl, see you these lives are tight, let elder sister touch a heart to ache really, fierce this is smelly boy also oh, quite cruel-hearted, cast so issue you to come home. Cast so issue you to come home..

Chen Ke listened to Fan Xiaotong to say so, urgent, an affirmative ground says: “Did not have, red red elder sister, because there is what the thing just goes back temporarily in the home,he is, he was not cast issue me, he is best, he also won’t do so, I believ[……]


Elder 广州夜网论坛BVFsister of the 8th Home Zhang Chen younger brother

” snowed over there you ” cunning evil spirit / , this chapter in all 3264 words, update at: 2017-04-28 22:25

Repose at S city a civilian of some street is uptown in, experience hardships of a journey or of one’s life countless ablution, those make the same score low building to be rectified as before however arrange go up in two street weeks, maintaining in those days original about, just, some crack had mounted the door window of carve patterns or designs on woodwork stealthily.

Once window of bright and dazzing door of carve patterns or designs on woodwork already no longer bright, bright hall of Ceng Xianliang appears apparently some incomplete old decline, on the window of door of carve patterns or designs on woodwork that falls through that incomplete when the sunshine of every dawn fawn on when, can mirror go up in the bright hall ground with old incomplete, return sometimes but the amiable face that peek has some of old person to lie comfortably on rocking chair.

This is antiquated uptown although incomplete is old, do not break however flourishing, and in this flourishing in was full of again gentle, include, the flavour of equal coexist, when you ramble is on those Lin Yin canal, everywhere sees the rest in these canal some people are in on one corner small summer house play chess, some people are in impact some antique civilian musical instrument: A two-stinted bowed instrument with a[……]


The 9th chapter: Glamo广州桑拿夜网HRDur is infinite small 6

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I delivered a message to give a line the person, content is the doctor’s whereabouts, it is a paragraph of electric wave only, this is I pass an information for the first time, do not know the line person that where is to that me, he is in not be all round me, it is living still, can receive, I do not know completely, I want to do, it is will necessary information only, give out, next, etc.

After 3 days, when I see the person of that black clothes of the beat up that be surrounded by dark chirp, I know, line person is in really, the message also affirms without by accident, otherwise, he won’t go out to be here now.

With one enemy the battle of 6, although be his in that way skill, also did not denounce what petty gain, after all the dark chirp here, also not be trash.

, I called in look, cannot fetching suspicion.

Car turns, this one act falls in the Mr Lin look that takes in back row, he looked, be full of interest said, “Stop. “Stop..

The driver parks the car in roadside, mr Lin looks at roadside through car window.

In his eye, this is nevertheless he has fun at inaccessibly the fight closely of watched strength wide gap, in my eye, the brother that is me then weichis with the gain that spells to[……]


The wife of a prin深圳蒲神报告区ce not disaster country

” hello adieu my first love ” dumb earnest / , this chapter in all 309 words, update at: 2017-08-31 22:17

Person vivid generation… be for only living?

Living. For what be?

Long fish pity does not understand.

She this lifetime, it is for familial and vivid. It is for beloved person and vivid.

When one day, familial when producing conflict with beloved person…

Must be when long fish pity between the home and country when choosing…

Does her deep feeling say: ? Is emperor of dispatch of  of loose  embedded send the tenon that knock alcohol to choose   ?

When abandoning easy to get country for her when beloved person…

Abandoned eventually when her familial, chose a country, when choosing him…

Did he ever say: ? Be proud    kitchens deceive of Jing of E of heart of  of reed   ! ?


He goes hither and thither for his country.

Bruise again and again…

She for the palace after his assume personal command, hall of face of assume personal command. The fame that draped the wife of a prince of disaster country evil spirit…

Later later.

Monarch Yao country beautiful scenery.

Monarch and queen, see Yao Guofeng hand in hand scene is picturesqu[……]


Detac广州夜网论坛HGDhed traffic accident

” hello adieu my first love ” dumb earnest / , this chapter in all 661 words, update at: 2017-08-01 21:20

Wu Can is being protected child one pace walks out of book building, all along is risible Wu Can also is stretching tight at the moment a piece of face, complexion is being protected heavily child book leaves.

Leave a mansion, wu Can is being taken child book got on oneself car immediately.

Wu Can looks at lose one’s mind child book cannot bear at the heart, the mouth comforts: “Do not have a thing, soft flesh. You go back well rest, had rested to also be done not have with respect to what thing. Had rested to also be done not have with respect to what thing..

Child book looks at Wu Can, this bigger than oneself man of two years old, know him to arrive from oneself now days of 4 years, follow Cai Shen same, accompany all the time beside oneself, be in all the time oneself are warm. Think tear does not stop more more. Child book looks at Wu Can so, tear is dropped ceaselessly.

Wu Can’s urgent a manner of anxiety or happiness, do not know completely to want how to do. Think of book of a handle is held in the arms.

“Soft flesh. I am in. I am beside you. The following later well accompany you, good? Soft flesh, you should want to understand. You cannot be in this moment is muddleheaded. Afflictive cry, but you must cheer u[……]


New nov上海喝茶资源论坛el advertisement

” hello adieu my first love ” dumb earnest / , this chapter in all 280 words, update at: 2017-08-15 21:09

Dumb earnest new novel ” a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse has a girl ” presence of small fairy of greeting everybody old man.

Green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, be innocent playmates.

Arrive as a child great affection, in a few words can not come loose.

And, arrive as a child everything big also is not to say to be able to forget.

Each is warm the speech of the heart.

Each is warm the little detail of the heart.

A heart that has temperature.

This. It is the story of warm stomach of a warm heart.

Be about the story that grow.

There is joyous sound to laugh in this story language, somebody lays 100 condition, have pain, have sweet, have you, have me…

Green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse is final

It is not to leave do not abandon

Still scatter skyline?

Everything is not important.

In because we are in,growing…

[23333 without big inspect already feeling but the heart that dumb earnest has to do big, two novels can be updated all the time, this paragraph of time of this novel because plan new book,not be bro[……]


The 10th ch广州龙凤网apter is decision-making one

” phenanthrene gentleman does not leave ” degenerate unruly or unrestrained / , this chapter in all 2858 words, update at: 2017-09-03 23:35

Water home.

Liu Xingtan sees first, resembling is a thorn is euqally deep plunge into the heart that took mercurial wash one’s hair in, although did not ache, but the feeling of the sort of acerbity hemp acerbity hemp lets mercurial wash one’s hair very uncomfortable. Although go back to the motherland before long, but mercurial wash one’s hair is all along right oneself ability very self-confident, self-confident although oneself are the generation of the weaker sex, in the capital unmanned however and OK place on a par with her. What did not think of however is, passed to do not have a few days merely, liu Xingtan makes her suffer a blow and a shout-sharp warning.

OK even none exaggerated says, liu Xingtan is compared with her, no matter be ability and wisdom also or it is ruse, go even farther than.

Probably, water home and land home are allied water of this time of muddy, oneself not should foolish wade. Say, marry mercurial brook to Liu Jiayou to have might as well, what marry after all is not him.

What mercurial wash one’s hair sits on the seat of car back row to keep kneading his is temporal, she feels wingceltis of star following land fights brave in battle of wits all the time, some are fatigue.