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” my demon animal cat is small black ” dreamy Yin Lin / , this chapter in all 1981 words, update at: 2020-07-25 00:33

Dream appearance is looked at block those who be before oneself front not to have care, also know Tian Jiu still is being procrastinated not to go temporarily by that two people, back down subliminally, maintained a distance with Zhu Jiaren.

Afterwards, see flew without care, stop before dream appearance, sword body shakes slightly, did not return Tian Jiu over there.

Dream appearance looked not to have care, of p reaper grasping hilt, see it also does not have repulsion without revolt only.

Presumably, tian Jiu lets it come over to help.

much the affiliation that does not have care, home Zhu person temporarily between also work not to drop dream appearance, he has trifling be agitated, medical effect has been about.

The speed that dream appearance also discovered him begins slow came down, corners of the mouth is ticked off remove a to laugh, begin to strike back.

This kind of drug that can make oneself actual strength cruel add, normally side effect is very big, once spent medical effect time, that body can reach his frail, she wants to do, it is protracted time.

Across, tian Jiu did not have a weapon, but meet this two people, everywhere superabundant.

Plus afraid dream a[……]


Thunder of the 40th cha广州夜网论坛LKHpter robs

” my demon animal cat is small black ” dreamy Yin Lin / , this chapter in all 2033 words, update at: 2020-07-04 13:00

The brim of apocalyptic forest, dream appearance and Luo star had been arrived at, of course still have small black.

After entering a forest, took very long period of time, dream appearance begins to suspect, oneself come to wrong place, actually a demon animal is done not have and, even if now and then encounter 9, also be face about runs.

Eye of dream appearance narrow one’s eyes, “Small black, won’t be be frightened to run by you “

Small black see Xiang Mengyi innocently, “I already very convergent “

Dream appearance thinks, also not be small certainly black, after all she and Luo star also are the friar that Quan Lingxiu is, these 78 paragraphs demon animal see they fear also is not to do not have a truth.

In succession shake from side to side did not see a few demon animal several days, it is dream appearance, leisurely very, stop from time to time picked spirit medicine.

“We go toward within again some look ” look at star of some lose Luo, dream appearance is comforted, “Since your mother can change humanness form to repair refine to arrive empty is empty, actual strength affirmation is not low, should not be periphery these common silver-colored wolves. Nevertheless first come to an agreement or understan[……]


Fiftieth 3 chapters who more ju广州中低端茶微信bilate

” Xue Ying is passed ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 2584 words, update at: 2020-04-28 22:36

“You this is in namely clearly take advantage of one’s power bully people! What more than senior fellow apprentice says is right, you are month of next Wang Liu, perhaps where day is met the issue that makes the sort of corrupt public morals, be inferior to multiplying drive early those who go out is good!

That child is no good angrily, pointing to Xue Ying shout abuse.

Xue Ying listens, returned a canal to get to should say what ought not to say, establish the line before engrave: “My take advantage of one’s power bully people? Whose situation that I battle? The what person of bully? Somebody defile start a rumour I, is I still cannot strike back? Make state official set fire only must not does common people light a lamp! Make state official set fire only must not does common people light a lamp!!

Graceful frost Yi Nu: “It is too beyond the mark that you are fastened! “It is too beyond the mark that you are fastened!!

“Exorbitant is her graceful jade-like stone, it is her all the time hold tight is worn this matter is not put! ” Tang Lanchun instantly.

Seeing the way of a child of for a long time aside: “Word but cannot so say, family graceful jade-like stone jade-like stone know oneself are wanted to want a version by bedabble water natu[……]


Ghost of person of 广州桑拿信息论坛KFDthe 62nd chapter

” Xue Ying is passed ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 2794 words, update at: 2020-05-23 12:33

“Be, what this child passes as a child is bitter, I feel distressed he, ferial also add more to him take care of, his age is not small also, this plan is discussed to him close, good call him to get along smooth and steadily, who ever thought… alas… ” castellan respecting here, canthus is showing lachrymal light slightly.

“I am lumpish, the trustful ability of the common people in recumbent city is become this castellan, the madam died early also before more than 10 years, also fail to have what child, I am early course of study the one’s own son that regards as me, he suffers such misery nowadays, I wish to had sufferred for him. I wish to had sufferred for him..

Allude sad part, castellan cannot help raising an arm, brush a tear with clothes, his hair already had some of grey, at the moment his unlike is one city advocate, instead more the old father that resembling is an anxious child, clear and plain, at one’s convenience is who will look to be able to use a facial expression for it.

Xue Ying takes out handkerchief from the bosom child, hand city main stem: “Total meeting has way, you are at ease, my deciding goes all lengths save him. My deciding goes all lengths save him..

“Hum. ” road sheng is in should add up to Xue Ying aside, but know him with[……]


The 81st chapter the cheap son of arise su广州夜网SN论坛VDSddenly 6

” feather emperor rises abruptly in last phase of an age ” laugh be proud lifetime mad song goes / , this chapter in all 2170 words, update at: 2020-09-12 12:36

Xie Yun builds gliding quilt to Mo Yan, this is the behavior when Xie Yun serves as the mankind, although Mo Yan does not need a such common quilts, but Xie Yun or chronic went up to Mo Yan lid quilt.

The mood is a little complex, look at cloud of Mo Yan leaf to always want subliminally to feel distressed this child, give him the close feeling of in one’s power, but just the heart that experience lets Xie Yun again has so the ashamed of a silk remorses, if change a person, never mention it what the 2nd character not of the 2nd character, xie Yun won’t let off the noumenon of that individual absolutely, the soul and body do not want to run, cut is rough not spring breeze of dig up the roots is blown be born again, it is cruel to oneself to the enemy’s mercy, but face Mo Yan, xie Yun does not have this kind of idea completely, obviously two talents just are known, the word did not say on a few, because know Chinese ink is phlogistic,just have kin with battle song, can excuse the business that Mo Yan does, even the favour that oneself still found to an ashamed remorses, probably close circumstances of arteries and veins of so called blood is such!

What Mo Yan sleeps is very heavy, there had been insecure look thoroughly on the face, xie Yun[……]


Go on a 广州夜生活论坛QDStour of inspection of world of the 46th chapter 3

” feather emperor rises abruptly in last phase of an age ” laugh be proud lifetime mad song goes / , this chapter in all 2048 words, update at: 2020-09-12 12:05

Left to bring a country, xie Yun came to the southeast mainland that Asian mainland dissension comes out, the country here is not little, because the reason of landlocked nation is before here,be probably, the national whole actual strength here is general, mainstream thought is feudaller.

Xie Yun is very helpless, she went up to had borne a lot of human life personally, if according to fight one factitious crime, tu Moren is king, this criterion, present Xie Yun is the generation a fierce and powerful person in Wang Zhe absolutely.

Xie Yun meditates deeply oneself behavior, correct, pass those who be less than one second to think, xie Yun still feels he is right, some things need bloody method to suppress namely.

Anyway because make the matter of a magic weapon, world volition did not prevent her to perhaps look for her to bother, xie Yun also scruples without place, volition of world of day where waiting for repels she says again again, make a move treats one condition, overcautious and indecisive can not be her disposition.

Ego brainwashing, xie Yun again reduce drop big, this Xie Yun is clever much, avoid a trouble, xie Yun opened a large-scale directly group study mastery of a skill or technique.



The 4th chapter choo广州夜网论坛JFDses

” feather emperor rises abruptly in last phase of an age ” laugh be proud lifetime mad song goes / , this chapter in all 2057 words, update at: 2020-09-12 10:34

I go – _- | | ! ! ! ! !

Xie Yun one face is muddled the facial flaxen fruit that looks at the ground to go up.

Is this what circumstance? Go back on one’s word on me?

Foliaceous cloud heart also is Bi dog, oneself pick a fruit cannot disappear stops, is this the rhythm that should touch porcelain? How don’t oneself know oneself still have a so welcome day?

Flaxen fruit lies on the ground silently, send out this faint Bai Guang, be like is be determined in what recounting oneself, the tree of life called in other two fruit, that is to say, no matter Xie Yun is willing, have this one choice only.

This is special is to be bought by force sell by force! The right that rejects repeatedly is done not have, the heart fills in be no good.

Battle song: “Look this fruit special Zhong Yi you ah! With respect to it, following is not your choice finally like that, but fruit bell meaning you, what can make your soul best is as shirt-sleeve as fruit. Develop the ability of fruit more easily. Develop the ability of fruit more easily..

Xie Yun: “Do these fruit have spirit wisdom? ” Xie Yun asks curiously.

Battle song: “Without, this is natural react[……]


Thirtieth chapter广州桑拿夜网 is destroyed, it is my fate

” my of last phase of an age beg your save atone for ” Noah 14 / , this chapter in all 2998 words, update at: 2020-06-15 21:45

Everybody looks at the circumstance inside dedicatedly carefully. The door is opened, tangy and those who come is a full-bodied cankered flavour.

The doorway became terrestrial hell simply, can see a lot of people are in acedia when run to the doorway to attempt to escape, but did not succeed.

Everywhere incomplete limb organ is already cankered, bloodstain is early caky into black piece, adorn here into the world purgatorial. And, the body of all funeral cadaver has the mark that has been corroded by what thing.

Chen Qi sees the body on the ground, pupil shrinks, before going up, crouch in the microscope on the ground.

These bodies do not have nucleus without one exception. Chen Qi looks from the breach of their head, content of cerebral ministry content already by blot, whole head is deserted.

What thing gobbled up the funeral cadaver nucleus of whole ammunition library, still hide possibly now to be worn to this group of stream of people in the corner saliva.

Chen Qi shuts a perception, the position of cadaver of 3 rank funeral is in ammunition library most the place of core.

Common funeral cadaver won’t make catch cannibal act, unless he and oneself situation is same. Think of he[……]


The 28th chapter I am a headlight 全国茶资源信息bubble only…

” my of last phase of an age beg your save atone for ” Noah 14 / , this chapter in all 3092 words, update at: 2020-06-12 08:16

But Ning Zhichen is absent apparently ” major man ” this one cavalcade, he is laughing courteously to ask: “Elder sister which are you? “Elder sister which are you??

“Elder sister? ” the corners of the mouth of the girl is convulsive two.

Ning Zhichen now a meter of height of 63, still want than the girl a few taller. The expression plus him and bearing always are special maturity, still do not look to give him really from appearance ability is 15 years old.

The girl touchs a soft nail, still laugh in loath raise corners of the mouth: “I am the fresh blood of team of heavy bloody battle, call Lan Qing shallow, first-order medium-term puzzles is different can person. First-order medium-term puzzles is different can person..

Ning Zhichen this ability response comes: “It is the fresh blood of battle group so, welcome you. I am current nevertheless 15 years old, should call your elder sister to just be opposite. My team leader calls directly after you. My team leader calls directly after you..

“15 years old? ” Lan Qing shallow expression eventually chap, “You return team leader is junior promising really. “You return team leader is junior promising really..

“Dare not become. ” peaceful courtesy telling th[……]


Life and death of the 11广州桑拿夜网NGF8th chapter has life day to rob to be crossed hard

” fall cherry bend city ” Mi of violet garment cat / , this chapter in all 3653 words, update at: 2020-09-25 20:05

“I go helping you drive away him! ” look bend one face is indignant, rise be about to go.

Female shake shake one’s head: “Need not, divine a group of things with common features is original population withered, hundred years metropolis is asking every other encounter on extremely big allusion, look up not to see those who lower his head to see, rip turn against skin why.

One’s voice in speech just fell, in relief grinning of a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it goes from shadow, it is that expression of deputy obsequious as always.

Look bend is fond of pay attention to, bend over again in pretend aside go off.

Female laugh to Yi Yang, but her scalp as before of hemp hemp, be like is do not be willing to see Yi Yang takes out the person with strange what to come occasionally again very much.

Who knows Yi Yang to just laugh: “Divine a group of things with common features asks extremely big allusion is coming, I invite day goddess designedly person of the same trade. I invite day goddess designedly person of the same trade..

Female want, answer: “Will now just be June first 7? “Will now just be June first 7??

Yi Yang laughs: “Be… invite ahead of schedule now so, the plan asks day godd[……]